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Zgodboprejke is a project of Zavod Tri from Škofja Loka, the purpose of which is to give a voice to women who are often not heard in society – and it does so through creativity. In 2022 and 2023, a group of women who immigrated to Škofja Loka from different parts of the world learned about textile techniques while working together. They created textile paintings using plant printing, embroidery patchworking and collage. The intimate stories of women in the artworks carry the message that art is for everyone and that creative communities are capable of saving and improving many lives.

When designing the brochure for the project, my co-author Jovana Đukić and I thought about time as a key factor in getting to know another person; and time is also a key element when creating. Assembling textile scraps into new wholes has a lot in common with interweaving and building relationships, so patchwork was our visual starting point for the design. Therefore, the first page of the brochure is simple and contains the stories of the group participants, and the second page is created out of the cut-ups of the participants' stories that we compiled into a new colourful whole.

We created the collage by cutting up texts by hand and assembling them into a new collective story. Something similar happens when you move to a new city or a country; trying to retain your essence while simultaneously redefining and placing yourself in a new context.

Sežana, 2023

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