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Neighbours and companions  

The artist's book Neighbours and companions was created as a part of The Nature and Moral Status of Animals in Antiquity and the Middle Ages project, led by Dr Miira Tuominen from the University of Stockholm. Illustrator Tina Volarič responded artistically to the given texts (scientific articles and chapters from the monography, which will also be published as a part of the project), while simultaneously creating her independent diary of an artist in which she recorded her encounters with animals. As a result, many sketches, photographs and poems were created.

I combined this extensive opus, which took as many as five years to create, in the book Neighbours and companions.  

Reviewing the opus left me with a feeling of Tina's devotion to the project with in-depth, extensive and versatile research of a complex topic. I was impressed by how time was evident from the material – from her work, I could see that the artist also changed and approached her work differently over the years.

Two main ideas that I wanted to convey in the visual language of the book were the dedication to the research process and a feeling of walking through time. Therefore, I decided to design the book as a diary – it is designed intuitively, without typical pages, with which I visually imitated spontaneous diary entries.

Divača, 2023

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