interactive poster design,

Kolektivka — A Collective Game  

Together with Jovana Đukić we wanted playfully explore the relationship between humans and the consequences of our everyday actions, which, despite the fact that they sometimes seem small and insignificant, affect the flow of everyone’s lives and the feeling of belonging to the whole. We see the creation of community as the ability of each individual to lend a hand to a fellow human being at a crucial moment.

Our playful posters, that invited the passers-by to add and remove sticker elements, were playing with the idea of how our participation in marked moments can be important and something which co-shapes the lives of the people who surround us.

“If today you interact with the posters by moving the elements, tomorrow the picture will be different— because your fellow residents interfered with it. The three posters are therefore a reminder that small movements and actions co-create everyone’s community landscape.”
The posters were exhibited at UGLJ — TAM TAM Street Gallery in the summer of 2023.

Ljubljana, 2023

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