visual identity design

A small liberated territory for poetry  

A small liberated territory for poetry is a project of the Dve luni Institute, with which they try to open both symbolic and very physical, tangible passages into poetic worlds. Therefore, as part of festivals and on other occasions, they create a mobile stand with a range of beautiful books and art products related to poetry and young creators, which otherwise remain very difficult to access, as bookstores, libraries and other public spaces withdraw them from their programs under the pretext of non-profitability.

Together with Jovana Đukić, we designed the visual identity of the project: through the design process, we thought about the small liberated territory for poetry as an idea that spreads in all directions of the space, that moves fluidly and spontaneously and leaves subtle traces behind. For a visual language that adequately communicates this idea, we envisioned a gradient as a boundless flow of colour that can be transferred to many media using various techniques.

The gradients of colours that can be seen on social media covers, announcements and on the textiles that covered the stand, were created by touch, by hand, with physical paint, and only then did we proceed with further digital editing.

Sežana, 2023

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