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In December 2022, I collaborated with Zavod Tri, a slovenian institute that works with immigrant women. Through activities such as language workshops, community events and cooperation with pedagogic workers, they build a comprehensive and two-way process of integrating women from other cultural backgrounds into local communities of Škofja Loka, Slovenia. Spletanja is a publication that collect the stories of women involved in those activities.

The design of the publication visualizes a feeling of being lost in an unknown territory, where to function and effectively recognize information, a reader must be able to find the "unwritten rules" himself – similar to what happens when moving to a new country where the culture is foreign to you. In the context of the publication, this means that the reader has to find the hierarchy of information in the visual intensity, to which he is invited through vivid colours, hand-drawn typography and simple illustrations.

Sežana, 2022

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