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 Let’s make plastic great again! 

The purpose of our publication is to address the plastic issue in a positive way and thus proposing solutions without neglecting the problem. Plastic is a problem, but is already there, and it will be present forever – so instead of going around the problem, we go with it and through it.

Through the content of our publication we tried to increase the value of plastic that is already produced and present it as the material of the future. We wanted to make people, the readers, aware that as designers we have responsibility and power to reuse existing materials in a meaningful and creative way.

The magazine is full of interesting design interventions (a bill, that is actually an index and can be used as a bookmark as well; postcards with typography that we created by ourselves; plasticarium, a plastic herbarium, playful advertisements for ethical fashion, a DIY section that can be cut out etc.).

Publication is printed in risography and is 98% recyclable. It was made during my Erasmus+ student exchange in collaboration with Thamara Hidalgo, Marianna Pawłusiów, Lucie Faures and Rada Miladinova.

Lisbon, 2020

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