GIF animation

Raising, exploring and making a critique  

This is a GIF I created during my exchange in Lisbon. The video is based on a transcript of Ramia Mazé's lecture at the Iaspis Forum on Design and Critical Practice in Stockholm, December 6, 2008. It is one the most inspiring texts I read about design in general.

"Criticality within our own personal practice can be seen in how we reflect upon our methods in order to locate our voice and articulate our position; criticality within a community of practice or discipline can be about trying to challenge or change traditions or paradigms; and criticality can also be targeted towards other issues and ideas outside design altogether. It is about acknowledging that designers have power – and that the powerful visual and material means of design can be used to build a unique form of critique.”

Reading this was crucial for me – it really made me listen to the part of myself that always felt there was something missing in the way design was represented to me during my early studying years. It pushed me to be more authentic in all the projects that followed.

Lisbon, 2019

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