series of collaged graphics

Many faces  

Many faces  

In June 2022, four visual creators (Jovana Đukić, Miha Majes, Monika Plemen and Maša Pušnik) took part in a workshop / residence named Poems in Prints at the Pivka House of Culture, which took place under the mentorship of the academic painter Leon Zuodar. The workshop focused on a Slovenian poet Srečko Kosovel and started in his hometown, Sežana, where we walked along Kosovel's path and visited the memorial room. For the next five days, we moved to Pivka, where we explored Kosovel and his poetry through our own expression.

Participating creators each chose one poem and responded to it with a series of screenprints, some of which we collaged into unique pieces. I chose a poem entitled Moja pesem / My poem, which captivated me with its combativeness and directness, and through which the poet takes an uncompromising stance towards his identity and creation.

I researched the topic through my own sense of fluidity and the feeling that in time, despite having opinions and positions, we constantly change. I then thought about this identity as a person who lives between me and my thoughts, who can question this uncompromisingness and give it new faces – like a hand that can intervene in the landscape of identity and change, upgrade what is no longer useful. My face thus becomes many faces.

Pivka, 2022

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