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In the first semester of 2019/2020 I participated in Erasmus+ student exchange at Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. As a part of the Project 1 course we had to choose one topic in the field of new media that we want to research – I decided to go with the phenomenon of internet anger and I drew inspiration mostly from the slovenian internet space; at the time I was bothered by the speed that fake news managed to achieve if the proper language was used. We had to deliver a printed and a web-based component of the project.

For the book, I looked for inspiration in metaphors: the more I was reading the articles about internet anger and researched the content, the more I was able to link it with inquisition; the way how misinformation disseminates and the eagerness with which the same information is defended carries quite similar methods as the spread of religion. For the printed object, therefore, I sought inspiration in religious books and other objects (Holy Bible, prayer books and rosary beads), deliberately emphasizing Christianity due to its prevalence in Slovenia. I designed a book with fluid, linear structure to allow the reader a smooth transition through the content. Interaction as such is of secondary importance (quite similar as in prayer books, so that the worshippers can surrender completely to the prayers themselves).

For the web-based component I designed and programmed a web page that appears as the book's official website – there you can find emotional comments from users, which are, of course, fictional. It is then up to the user to decide whether to read the book or to rather believe the comments he reads. By doing so, I tried to create the experience of the phenomenon itself.

Binded in Estudio Bulhufas.

Lisbon, 2020

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